We can help you restore your '48 through '53 Chevy truck!

Between our Technical Forum, our detailed Rebuild-and-Repair videos that focus on the '48 through '53 Chevy family of trucks, and our wide and very reasonably priced selection of used truck parts, you'll find everything you need to either bring your truck back to life, or to fine tune it with the correct manufacturer's data and engineering specifications!

  • Our FORUM:  Ask us ANYTHING about your truck, and let us help you with mechanical and electrical problems, general maintenance, specifications, or "How-To's."
  • The VIDEOS:  Check out our full line of Repair-and-Rebuild Videos, and avoid costly mistakes.
  • PARTS FOR SALE:  Browse our inventory and call us for prices!
  • Fellow Veterans, sign our ORDER OF BATTLE!
The '48 thru '53 "Advanced Design"

Fellow old Chevy truck lovers...
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